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Home of Garden Gypsy® and The Veil Master


I am on Maternity Leave until March 2023

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Welcome to Anois Wellness!

Anois Wellness is the perfect platform for you to begin your new health journey.

Most people come to us when mainstream medicine has failed them, when they are seeking more natural alternatives, or simply because they felt drawn to us. 

We are here to help you with physical health issues, energetic and emotional needs, explore environmental factors, stress management and overall health and well-being. 

There are no "blanket cures" because everyone has different needs. We take the time to explore what you need and develop a plan to achieve your health goals.

Everyone has a doctor within him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.

- Hippocrates

Garden Gypsy

Olive Therapeutics Range

A range of natural skin care remedies made with extra virgin olive oil from the Adelaide Hills, SA. Treat your feet, hands, sunburn, insect bites, eczema, and other skin complaints with our hand crafted creams and lotions.


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Product Range

Our baby range is unlike anything you see on supermarket shelves. Here you can find everything you need to keep baby happy.

Bath - Sleep - Sickness - Skin


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Aloe Vera Nappy Spray

Our Aloe Vera Nappy Spray is a world first in making nappy changes more hygienic, environmentally friendly, more comfortable for infants, effective and efficient for staff and cost effective.


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Herbs & Teas


Our herbal apothecary consists of over 150 different medicinal & magickal herbs and spices from across the globe. We specialise in herbal teas and blends for stress management, mental health, sleep, gout, fluid build up and toxin flushing. Each herbal tea is blended specifically for you.

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Services Offered by

Anois Wellness

We offer a broad range of services to help you on your health journey. Join our Wellness Program, book a herbal consultation, discover your intolerances and sensitivities through a Hair Analysis or simply come in for some inspiration.

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Our Story So Far...

Garden Gypsy was the first step towards Anois Wellness and was founded by Siona Glasson in 2007 and registered in 2008.

Siona has education, knowledge and experience in many professions including herbal medicine, mineral therapy, nutrition, pharmacy. hospitality, accounting, sales and social work. She has travelled to 12 different countries across the globe, experienced many cultures and is a kind-hearted individual. Her love of aromatherapy, herbs, chemistry, culture, philosophy and a strong desire to help people led her into the industry to make natural skin care for ailments her customers suffered. Her range is focused on relief from irritating ailments, rather than improving beauty.

Pain and suffering can appear in many forms, including skin-related disorders. With a limited range of natural options available on the open market, Siona has strived to fill these gaps. She began by attending regular markets across the city and country areas, and attending country shows and annual fairs. In 2013 Siona was in a serious car accident which set her back 12 months. With chronic pain on a daily basis, she manages it with regular treatment and an anti-inflammatory diet to maintain good health. In 2017 Siona gave birth to her beautiful daughter and began motherhood as a single mother whilst still running a business. 

In 2018 Garden Gypsy became a registered trademark of Australia and in 2019 Siona began stocking products in Foodland supermarkets across SA. On 16th July 2019, Garden Gypsy opened their first shop front, a "Herb & Oil Shoppe" in Royal Park. In March 2020, she released the increasingly popular baby range. As COVID-19 started to affect supply of various hygiene goods, Siona quickly jumped to the rescue and began to manufacture "Alcohol Rub" and was able to supply Foodland and other independent outlets, reaching as far as Millicent and Wudinna. Siona reached out to Trade Minister Simon Birmingham for assistance to speed up the process to access ethanol within SA. With the packaging industry being affected by COVID, packaging was limited, so Siona set up a "refill station" at the Shoppe, so people could bring their own packaging and still be able to access a sanitizer. She was also featured in the Advertiser newspaper for this innovation.

With an ever increasing range of products, services and expertise on offer, Siona branched out and set up the company - Anois Wellness Pty Ltd - in September 2020. Anois Wellness is now the perfect health hub for anyone seeking to find natural alternatives to reach their health and wellness goals. Garden Gypsy is trademarked with IP Australia and is now a brand name under the banner of Anois Wellness Pty Ltd. 

In October 2020, Siona also released a product called Aloe Vera Nappy Spray which is a world first introduced to child care centres across Australia. Not only did she make it extremely competitive in price, it has been extensively tested, researched and developed. It is more than just a product, it is a tool for health, well-being and environment. We are currently in the process of introducing it to child care centres which we know will take some time to catch on. Currently, New South Wales are the leaders in this revolution and are not only happy with the results, but amazed that such a simple tool can have such a profound impact in their centres. 

In July 2022, Siona ended her lease at Royal Park due to an expectant child. She now operates from two locations - Port Adelaide and Parafield Gardens - so that her clients are still able to access her easily. 

Our Mission

No matter what skin condition, health condition, or embarrassing issue you may have, Anois Wellness is here to help! Our goal is to grow nationally and internationally so everyone can access affordable, natural health solutions.


We believe in providing simple, affordable solutions so individuals can successfully manage their skin or health issues at home WITHOUT STEROIDS OR SURGERY. Too many practitioners are quick to "treat" issues with steroids or other synthetically made medications which only help short term. We strive for long term results. We believe in giving you the TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE in order to move forward with your health. 


1. IDENTIFY the cause

2. SUPPORT the inside

3. RELIEVE the outside

4. FLUSH OUT toxins


Siona has knowledge and experience with psychology, human development (physical, psycho-social and spiritual), physical health and spiritual/energetic qualities. When you book an appointment with her, she will be sure to explore not just your physical symptoms, but the relationship between your mental health, emotional and energetic states too. You will be getting 3 therapists in 1!