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Testimonials & Reviews

What our customers are saying

I was bitten by a black garden ant under my foot which was quite painful  but got Phoenix Flame onto it straight away and I could feel the difference right away

- Rebecca V, SA

Before and After

January 2021

"I am using Thistle Thief Mature on the back of my right hand and 3 fingers that broke out with dermatitis. It's great stuff".

- Lynette, Pensioner, SA

January 2021

" I love the Blood Moon spray. It is very good for spiritual awakening. I bought it in store and sprayed every day, twice a day and about a week later, everything came to me. I'm very happy".

- Vidu, Student, SA

September 2020

"I have bought the BOHO Baby Comfort chest rub for my 3 year old and it’s a beautiful product , I have now bought 2 more as gifts"

- Kristen, Mumma, SA

April 2018

I'm very happy to be sharing this incredible transformation story with you.

A friend of mine was visiting my house and I noticed that her right arm was red and patchy. It looked like her arm had a strange rash or had been exposed to extreme cold. She looked at it in shock and realised that it must be her cellulitis giving her the sign that it's flaring up again. As usual, I said "I have a cream for that!".

I presented her with Thistle Thief Mature and told her to rub it in. As the rash was under the skin, it was most likely a circulation related issue, and so I knew immediately that it would help. I mentioned that it would most likely clear up within half an hour, and you know what? I was spot on. As usual. The rash had completely disappeared!

I was so happy that my friend allowed me to take photos before and after. She was astounded at the immediate response and success! She knew straight away that her cellulitis was flaring up but was ecstatic to know there was a cream available to help with the embarrassing redness on the arm. Maybe it's worth trying it on rosacea too? Might need some test subjects!

Now, just as a caution, if you do suffer from cellulitis, it's important that you remember to drink plenty of water, eat clean foods and flush your system from toxins like tobacco, alcohol, fatty foods and even medications which can cause your kidneys to work over time. Ensure you have the correct medical advice as well because your body might be displaying this rash as a sign of infection. Thistle Thief Mature will not heal you, but it will alleviate the skin symptoms.

September 2017...

"As a mechanic my hands see their share of dirt, oil and grease. A lot of the products I've used don't clean 100%. I was given a sample of the blacksmith scrub to try by Siona, and was pleasantly surprised with how efficiently the product worked. My hands are only generally this clean after about a week of being off the tools. They are smoother than they have been in years AND it also passes the "white car fingerprint" test".

- Steven, Mechanic, SA

Thank you so much for your lip balms! They're the best I've ever used! I am 14 and I have a scar on my lip that's a few years old and it becomes more prominent when my lips are dry, and I've constantly tried different lip balms to help with healing. And I swear i only had to put yours on twice a day and my lips always felt really nourished, even if I had to leave it for a day. Where as with other lip balms, my lips feel dry really quickly and as soon as I go a while without applying they feel dry and start cracking. So thank you!

- Anonymous student, SA

Two words... MOSS ROCKS!

This bath salt smells amazing and now i've discovered it, I can't live without it! When i've done too much at the gym, i have a bath with moss rocks. I love it. Always buying the refills. 

- Tony, Motor Trimmer, SA

I started following Garden Gypsy on her facebook page because I liked the posts. But I saw a post one day about split, cracked fingers and I suffer really badly from them from being on the farm, so I bought a bottle to give it a try. I love it! It's not greasy, takes away the initial pain and helps them more than anything else i've tried. It means I don't have to use it all the time which is good. Plus, it doesn't smell girly! 

- Peter Gale, VIC

After having tried almost everything on the market, for my son's itching skin, nothing is as effective as Thistle Thief. He is only 10 and suffers from dry itchy skin that is really sensitive. Thistle Thief is the only thing we buy for him now, because it actually works!

- Anonymous

I have to say that my skin is rather difficult and picky when it comes to skin products. I am also a habitual lip balm user and a tube does not last me long. I am so very grateful to come across Garden Gypsy. I started out with a tube of lip balm. This tube has been the LONGEST tube I have ever had. It is still going. I have found that I do not need to apply as often as most other brands and it leaves my lips soft and moisturized. I then started using the Thistle Thief and that has been amazing! On my bad skin days when I am itchy and dry, this has been a savior and has reduced my redness and damage I do when I scratch my dermatitis. Then my family started using the Moss Rocks. From a family who rarely used the bath, it is now a fight as to who will get to use it! The Moss Rocks rock. For an active and sporty family it is getting used almost every day. It has helped my daughter with her pulled muscles after sports, reduced stress in myself and helped with my husbands back soreness. The bathroom smells divine with the jar sitting there. We managed to get through the colds we all had over winter with this amazing product. We have also got my father onto the Norfolfk Punch as a non alcoholic alternative for him due to his medications. I can not give this business enough praise. The products are amazing and Siona is a delight to deal with. She is amazingly knowledgeable, friendly and happy to get down to the nitty gritty of your ailments. 10 out of 10 stars! Keep up the awesome work! Support SA business!

- Rebecca Calvert, Manager of Popups SA

A few of our own stories from Markets and Fairs:

Story 1 - May 2016:

An elderly lady was looking at the array of products lain out on my table and I asked her if there was anything she was after. She said politely, "I have itchy skin because of medications, but I found something I like that works, so I'm not interested, thank you".

Knowing that Thistle Thief is the best product for itching skin, I offered her a sample although she was not interested. As soon as she saw it, she exclaimed in excitement and surprise, "This is what I use! My daughter bought it for me and sent it from Canberra! Are you from interstate I love this. It's the only thing that works?"

As you know, I am SA based, but it was interesting to talk to her and find out that her daughter had bought it on her travels here in SA and given it to her. 

Story 2:

December 2015 I was located within West Lakes shopping centre and noticed that a lady perusing at my stall had awful bruising on her arms. I asked if she needed a product for anything. She said she suffers really badly from itching caused by her medications and pointed to her bruised arms. After much discussion, I recommended Thistle Thief Mature for her itching and explained it will also help with the bruising on her arms (plus as a bonus it smells beautiful!). Three days later, she returned back to my stall with a big smile on her face and showing me her arms. Her bruising was healing up from dark purple bruises and were not faded and yellow. She was ecstatic. She explained that her bruises normally took 2 weeks to get to that state and the product was also taking ht itching away. It was lovely to see that she had come down to see me just to show me :)

Story 3 - May 2015:

At an annual fair in the Adelaide Hills, a gentleman approached me after seeing a sign that I had displayed and asked "what do you have for wasp bites?"

I referred him to Phoenix Flame as it was the most effective for insect bites. He was in a lot of pain from the bite and needed something to relieve the itching and the pain. He tried the sample of Phoenix Flame and after 4-5 seconds he said that the pain had nearly gone already! He was so happy that he actually bought 2 bottles of the lotion!

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