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Home of Garden Gypsy® and The Veil Master


I am on Maternity Leave until March 2023

Please expect lengthy delays for the shipment of most items

All services will be suspended until March 2023

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops are themed, and a perfect opportunity for you to learn about DIY health and beauty by using common kitchen ingredients, essential oils and herbs.



Feel free to enquire further if you are interested


Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo - September 26th & 27th

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By attending our workshops, you won't need to spend a fortune on expensive health and beauty products when you learn how to make them for yourself at home! Take home what you make on the day...

What's Included:

  • All ingredients and supplies to make your very own natural products
  • Recipe sheets to take home and use again if you wish
  • Information and education related to each workshop theme
  • Tips and secrets on how to maintain excellent health and beauty, naturally
  • The opportunity to ask a natural health professional one-on-one questions about health and beauty related topics without having to pay for a professional consultation

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each workshop must contain a minimum of 4 bookings to proceed.

If you make a booking and the minimum has not been reached, the workshop may be postponed and/or a refund issued.

BUSINESS: If you would like to host a workshop of your own for staff and/or clients, please contact us directly as we are proud supporters of workplace well-being.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

"Feel Good" February 2019




Wellness Workshop - Edible Facials

Saturday 9th

10am - 12pm

Edible Facials

Fruit Face Mask and Edible Sugar Face Scrub.

Learn about the best foods for healthy skin and why natural is better for you than synthetic alternatives. Serving a "Berry Infused Water" as refreshment.


Wellness Workshop - Love Yourself Valentine's Day Special

Thursday 14th


Love Yourself

Make your own Rose Petal Floral Bath Salt and your choice of a Choc-Mint Sugar Scrub or Sensual Massage Oil. Spend some time on yourself and indulge in some Peruvian Organic Chocolate.


 Wellness Workshop - Stress Less

Saturday 23rd

10am - 12pm

Stress Less & Mindfulness

Begin with a Guided Meditation to ground and relax. Make your own Relaxing Herbal Tea blend and Relaxing Floral Bath Soak. Learn how to use mindfulness techniques to cope with excess stress and learn the physiological impacts that stress has on the mind and body. Learn about natural energy sources to combat fatigue. Served with a chocolatey "cacao tea" as refreshment for the day.


Wellness Workshop - Skin Detox

   Thursday 28th


Skin Detox

Make your own Cellulite Scrub and Detox Epsom Bath Salt blend. Learn about how to detox and signs that your body is suffering from toxicity overload. Refreshment will be a refreshing "Lemon, Lime and Mint Infused Water".


March 2019




Wellness Workshop - World Sleep Day

Friday 15th

5.30 - 7.30pm

Promote Healthy Sleep

Learn how to fix terrible sleep! Make your own Muscle Relaxing Foot Soak and Essential Oil Aromatherapy Sleep Spray. Learn about healthy sleep patterns and how environmental, physiological and psychological influences impact sleep quality. Refreshment of the day will be a "Lavender Lemonade". 


April 2019




Mother Earth's Market -

Greenwith Community Centre

 Sunday 7th

10am - 4pm

Market stall and workshop!

At this exciting new sustainable living market, we will not only be having a stall, but will host one of our popular workshops beginning with a guided meditation. Come and stock up on products, browse the other stallholders and participate in our workshop! Workshop will cost $25 per person. Maximum 20.

Check out for more information.

  $2 entry

SA Youth Week

  10th - 18th

SA Youth Week Workshops

This week Garden Gypsy will focus on the youth of SA. We will be offering schools, youth centres and other youth organizations the opportunity to work together to bring youth specialized information about:

  • The importance of using natural products on skin as opposed to harsh synthetic alternatives
  • Focus on natural beauty and boost self confidence by bringing attention to "fakery" in media, the presence of filters and the psychological affect it has on body image issues and reality of the "rich and famous".
  • Educating youth on the particulars of HORMONES - what they really are, where they come from, why they occur and how it impacts their well-being (relevant for both genders)
  • How to manage hormonal outbursts naturally
  • Give free samples of Garden Gypsy products

If you are a youth organization and would live to get involved, please contact Siona directly on 0433 521 327


Get Involved in SA Youth Week

May 2019

Eczema Awareness Month




Eczema Awareness Month -

Seminars, webinars and presentations


Effective Eczema Management

Garden Gypsy aims to work in conjunction with local schools and medical centres to provide individuals with information about eczema. We will bring awareness to the importance that diet plays on eczema sufferers, environmental influences, allergies and more. We will provide information about natural health and natural solutions as opposed to harsh synthetic alternatives provided in pharmacy. Organizations can choose to fundraise with us to raise awareness on effective eczema management.


Wellness Workshop - DIY Eczema Relief

Payneham Community Centre

374 Payneham Road, Payneham

Room 1

Saturday 11th

9.30am - 11.30am

DIY Eczema Relief

We are teaming up with experienced naturopath, Fiona Tebeck from Thyme for Health to bring you this infomative workshop all about managing eczema... NATURALLY! Learn about foods that can cause flare ups, internal and external factors contributing to eczema, the types of eczema and how to live without needing to apply steroid creams or taking nasty medications to get it under control. You will also get to make your very own Honey Eczema Spray and Garden Gypsy products will be for sale on the day. You will also get plenty of information to take away on the day and if we have time, you may be able to have one-on-one chats with both myself and Fiona to help manage your eczema. If you need a personal consultation with Fiona, she is offering discounted consultation rates too! This workshop is normally valued at $35 but for the purpose of Eczema Awareness Month, we will be hosting it for only $25! Book in quickly because there are only 20 spaces available.


National Prevention of Prescription Medicines Week

  13th - 19th

Break Prescription Dependence

This week, Garden Gypsy will be teaming up with Naturopath and Chinese Herbalist, Fiona Tebeck from Thyme for Health, to deliver important information about effective management strategies and remedies for chronic pain, arthritis, mental health and eczema. We will bring you workshops and webinars on alternatives to prescription medicines such as anti-inflammatory foods and herbs and natural remedies and treatments such as acupuncture. Break the dependence on medications and learn how to live a full life naturally!


Natural Medicine Week

  20th - 26th

Natural Medicine

Following National Prevention of Prescription Medicines Week, Garden Gypsy and Naturopath Fiona Tebeck continue to provide you with combined knowledge and experience to promote Natural Medicine Week! We will focus on the various forms of "natural" medicine available and will bring you workshops, live webcasts and presentations to raise awareness and educate you on alternative treatments available to modern medicine.

Aromatherapy - Psychology - Acupuncture - Chinese Medicine - Herbal Medicine - Massage - Herbalism - Meditation etc...


Wellness Workshop - Pain Management

West Lakes Community Centre

Corner West Lakes Blvd and Brebner Drive (inside the carpark area - free parking for 3 hours)

 Saturday 25th

9.30 - 11.30am

Pain Management

Break the dependence on prescription medicines and learn how you can mange, control and eliminate pain naturally. In just two short hours you will be given information gathered from pain specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, neurologists, natural therapists and psychologists on how to manage pain. Learn the best way to eliminate pain for your needs and tailor your own pain management program for use at home. You will also be given a natural PAIN RELIEF OIL for free. Other Garden Gypsy products will also be for sale on the day. Refreshments available.

This workshop is best suited to those suffering with chronic pain, back pain, arthritis, or anyone dependent on pain killers. Not suitable for people suffering from chronic migraines.

This workshop is normally $35 but we are running this at a special price of $25 for National Prevention of Prescription Medicines Week.


June 2019




Wellness Workshop

Healing with Herbs


Cold and Flu Relief

More info to come


"Sustainable September" 2019

Synthetic Swap Over




Workshops focussed on swapping chemical for natural


Sustainable September

This month is all about swapping synthetic products for natural alternatives. Make a range of household products from natural ingredients!


Synthetic Swap Over #1

Hosted at our new Shoppe in Royal Park!

Thursday 5th


Tuesday 17th

10am - 12pm

Spring Clean #1

Make your own Aromatic Carpet Deodorizer and Natural Charcoal Toothpaste. Take home the recipe sheets and make more at home! You will also receive an Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush to take home! Max 10 people per workshop. Ages 8+


Synthetic Swap Over #2

Located at our Shoppe, Royal Park - a minimum of 3 people is required to host this workshop.

Sunday 22nd 10.30am - 12.30pm

Spring Clean #2

Make your own Toilet Cleaning Fizzies and your very own Natural Insect Repellant ready for the change of seasons! Max 10 people per workshop. Ages 12+


Synthetic Swap Over #3

Beeswax Wraps

Located at our Shoppe, Royal Park - a minimum of 3 people is required to host this workshop.

Tuesday 10th

10am - 12pm

Friday 27th

5pm - 7pm

DIY Beeswax Wraps

Stop using plastic cling wrap and swap over for these reusable beeswax wraps. Cover food, drinks and platters with these environmentally friendly wax wraps. You will get to make one extra large and one small wrap and get the recipe sheet to take home. Our natural beeswax will be for sale if you want the ingredients to take home and experiment for yourself. Max 6 people per workshop. Ages 12+


School Holidays Fun at the Tea Tree Gully Library

 Monday 30th

10am - 12.30pm

Edible Facials

Make your own Fruit Face Mask and Edible Sugar Face Scrub.

Learn about the best foods for healthy skin and why natural is better for you than synthetic alternatives.


October 2019




School Holidays Fun #1

DIY Aromatherapy Bedroom Diffuser

Located at our new Shoppe in Royal Park

Thursday 3rd 10am - 12pm

DIY Aromatherapy Bedroom Diffuser

Love the reed diffusers in shops, but the artificial fragrance makes you sneeze? Come to our workshop to learn how to make them using natural essential oils. Choose a bottle, have fun decorating it, and learn the basic concepts of aromatherapy to make a perfect blend for your home. You get to choose the essential oils so it's completely personalised. Maximum 10 people per workshop. Ages 8+


National Nutrition Week 

14th - 20th

National Nutrition Week


Wellness Workshop - Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

Friday 17th

5pm - 7pm

Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

Learn about basic nutrition for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, pain, eczema and other chronic illnesses such as IBS and food sensitivities. Gain broader understanding on the effects of certain foods and how they affect your condition as well as how your ancestry and DNA influence your tolerances. Information will be relevant to people of all ages including babies and elderly. An anti-inflammatory herbal tea will be served and light snacks.